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Financial Education
Financial Education is something most people don’t get growing up. There are only a few states that require even on course about finances during high school. And most families don’t have open, honest communication about finances (or anything else sometimes!)

It’s no wonder we find ourselves overwhelmed, confused or feeling stupid when we get out in the world and buy a car or furniture or even rent an apt. There’s always a bunch of paperwork handed to us to read and sign. And we think -

“READ THAT ??!! OH NO - no way can I read through all that and know what it means. I’ll just pretend I know what I’m doing and sign it - can’t be anything too bad right? Everybody does it!”

And there we go – down into that place where we’re afraid to say we don’t know or afraid to say we didn’t understand and assuming that everyone knows all the stuff we don’t know. - That thinking can spiral into a potential nightmare of “bad” financial decisions. So, whatever got you here, reading this, just know - YOU ARE NOT ALONE - MOST PEOPLE LIE ABOUT THEIR FINANCES!!!

Perhaps you just need a refresher course. Or you may need to learn the basics. Everyone can increase your financial IQ. Regardless of how much you do or don’t already know. Increasing your financial IQ means makes you more financially literate. You’ve likely heard of literacy related to reading and writing. What about your financial literacy??

Budget	Reconciliation	Net Worth	   
Compound Interest
	Amortization	Assets & Liabilities	
Secured Loans
	Financial Statements		P&L		
Fixed & Variable Expenses
How many of of these words are familiar to you? Can you explain them?

Do you use them? Have you ever used them?

Check us out – we are working to get you the perfect tools to learn exactly what you need in the simplest way possible.

Become Financially Literate.


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