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Specially for Students


Students and young adults face some interesting and sometimes difficult decisions – often with little or no experience in how to handle them or where to go for help. Check out the list below for some interesting info:

  • Many of you may not have had a meaningful conversation about money.
  • Even if you took Calculus you may have never learned about basic personal finance in school. You are not alone and there is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about.
  • Even if you don’t have financial obligations like paying for rent or your education yet, most people want to have spending money to do things like buying gifts, clothing and going to concerts and sporting events.
  • If you can avoid making basic money mistakes as a young adult or almost adult in the world, you’ll be ahead of most people. These mistakes include: getting into debit/credit card debt,
    ruining your credit score, not budgeting, using student loan money inappropriately. Avoiding those things is just as important as establishing good habits and doing everything right (which most of us won’t)

Learning some basic tips and tricks can save you a lifetime of financial hardship. Learning about things like debit/credit cards, balancing a check book, saving can seem boring or overwhelming when you have way more on your mind. It might not even seem applicable to where you are in your life right now. We cannot stress enough how far some basic information can go.


  1. Manage your expenses so they don't exceed your income – even if your income is only your allowance:)
  2. Spend money thinking of your future as well as your present.
  3. Begin saving early to take advantage of compound interest.
  4. Avoid collecting debit/credit cards and using them for borrowing.
  5. Always honor your debts and other financial obligations.
  6. Have a plan and a purpose for your money.
  7. Obtain a financial education to be in a position to make intelligent financial decisions. Check out our upcoming newsletters and Basic Booklets to learn more

DONT DO IT !!!!! Payday lenders and Cash Advance are BAD


In California, there are more payday lending outlets than McDonald's or Burger King restaurants. The average payday lending customer takes out 11 payday loans a year. For this "privilege," payday loan customers pay interest that averages an annual percentage rate (APR) nationally of 474 % OMG!!! (according to research done in 1999 by CFA and PIRGS )

Try These Out :
  • When going out partying, take only the set amount of cash you're happy to spend and no plastic cards. AND Don’t party too much !
  • Flash your student card to get all the discounts you can. If one isn't offered, ask for it.
  • Before you buy anything, ask yourself: Do I really need it? Can I afford it? Is this the cheapest price? If any one answer is no, don't buy it.
  • Don’t eat out too much – prepare your own meals – eat at home or cafeteria more often
  • Work on campus and at home whenever possible
  • Keeping grades up to maintain scholarships
  • Take advantage of free/low cost school sponsored entertainment
  • Plan ahead for future expenses
  • Buy used books instead of new or trade with friends


If you're going to live on student loans, plus any grant and money from parents, you will need to budget. Try using an online student budget calculator and check other resources such as those offered by and


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