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I looked at a lot of different sites and chose yours because it provided the answers to my questions. Plus it was very user friendly.
Kathy in Utah

Thank you. My clients appreciate the ease with which they can maneuver your site
Jim L. Attorney

You are a very good organization. You always call back and do what you say you are going to do. Thank you very much.
Robert Simonds, MA

It was so easy instead of making it so complicated. Your company is so great. I tried so many others and yours is the best. You are head above heels above your competitors and Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.   Christine C., Burlingame, CA

Thanks for following through. I appreciate it. Your course is simple and informative. This is information we should all know and let go by the wayside. It would be good if it was taught in the 4th grade
Gail Cane, Los Angeles CA

“…listing my monthly expenses and income was very interesting………learning how my money is compounded (with interest) and how credit bureaus work was very helpful and. ………Now I know how to figure DTI – that's fantastic! This course truly helped and prepared me to better manage my money and separate wants from needs. I'll recommend this course to my wife and sisters, too.” 
NB, Texas

My wife and I were referred to by our attorney. It turned out to be the best advice we've gotten since we started the bankruptcy process. The credit counseling and certification we received was easy to understand and put into practice. Best of all, the counseling was extremely well priced. Thanks to all at 1st Choice Credit Counseling!   
Mike Bridge, Chapter 7 survivor

My Husband and I recently took the credit counseling report because we were in financial distress. We were very happy that we took the course because it really showed us what we did wrong to cause our financial problems. But, the best part of the course was what we learned from it ,especially how to avoid getting into financial difficulties in the future. We both know now how to plan, manage and budget our money. We are looking forward to a much brighter and more prosperous future. We would recommend that anyone who is having any kind of financial problems to take this course. They will not regret it.       Thank-you,  
Danny & Marcia Holmes 

Good Morning,

My name is Mila L Gularte, and I've taken the Credit Counseling Course & the Financial Mgmt Course with your company and I must say the courses were very informational.  It gave information on the do and don'ts of using and managing your money  along with how and why  you've over spending and can't make ends meet.

 It also gave information on setting up a weekly, monthly, etc  budget on how to get a handle on managing your responsibilities without being overwhelmed by not having enough money to not only pay your bills but also to save a little for a rainy day (emergency fund).

 I'm grateful for the information that I've gained from your courses and I continue to use it's recommendations for my new beginning on how set-up a budget and stick to it along with managing my financials.

 Thank you for allowing me to gain such useful information thru your program.  May God continue to  Bless  your company to educate the people on a daily basis. 


This is my testimony. First of all Thank you for your help. People don't realize the pace of an honest income. It's very difficult to understand money and without education we are almost hopeless. This process has given me an enormous wealth of which I hope to return to others sometime. Aloha from Hawaii and thanks for all your help. 
My name is Jason M.    All thanks to my lord. Aloha ke' akua

When my lawyer first told me that I had to take a credit counseling course online I was a little disappointed because I thought it was going to take a long time and I thought I was balancing my budget okay and my financial problems where all just because of my paycut. When I started the course however and started to use all the calculation tools throughout the course I realized how badly i have been managing my money. The course really helped me figure out how balance my budget much wiser. Thank you so much.  
Roseanna Anderson 


A few years ago my husband and I found ourselves in a very bad financial situation. No matter what we did we could not get ahead, or even keep up with the growing debt. There were many reasons for our situation, some were out of our control but a lot of it was because we made bad financial decisions. To make things even worse, I eventually was laid off from my job. Our only solution at that point was to file bankruptcy. Part of the bankruptcy process was to take an online counseling course through 1st Choice Credit Counseling and Financial Education ( To be honest, I wasn't real excited about it at first. But, despite my initial feelings about the counseling, I have referenced the materials I printed from the course several times in the past year. One thing that really stuck with me was the portion of the course that talked about deciding whether you really need to buy something or just want to buy something, and the part about making a budget - very obvious advice, but really something that never crossed my mind before. The results: we have been debt free for over a year now – the first time in our adult lives, and it feels great.  




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